Red Alert --
COMET-TALLARICO Brings Closure to: Welcome

Whether Comet-Talarico is our "friend" or not is irrelevant from our perspective. However, its arrival is joyously very significant to us at "Amico's Gate." The joy is that our Dear Leader in the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the "Kingdom of Intellivison") has made it clear to us that Comet-Tallarico's approach is the "savior" we've been waiting for -- the time for rescuing us from Nintendo devils, Playstation demons, and Xbox ghouls... to take us to "Their World" -- in the literal Heavens. Our 30 years of waiting here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion -- "graduation" from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave "this world" and go with Tallarico's crew.

If you study the material on this website you will hopefully understand our joy and what our purpose here on Earth has been. You may even find your "boarding pass" to leave with us during this brief "window."

We are so very thankful that we have been recipients of this opportunity to prepare for membership in Their Kingdom, and to experience Their boundless Caring and Nurturing.

Keys or Bookmarks to Vital Information
Song: "Press That Button" (An example of the heavenly sounds that will accompany us on our journey)
Summoning Comet-Tallarico (example of our practices)

How to graduate from Human Evolutionary Level to beyond human (how one of our students practices his mental preparation)

How to show appreciation for the blessing of the Intellivision Kingdom and Dear Leader

"I Want My Amico" (A rap members perform nightly to assure Dear Leader's approval)

Timmy Cocorico and the Palico Romance (A believers hopes for what awaits)

How a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven Might Appear

Dear Leader's Modesty

Message To Infidels (What we say and do to people that leave us or do not believe)

A preview of our journey

Our believers and loyalists

| Devastating "I Want A Blowjob for Christmas" Just Cause | Snes-the reverse Benjamin Button-tastic |
| Mike -"I love Tommy Tallarico"- Mullis |
| Turbo -"I'll set my high school wrestling brother on you"- Joe | Retro-ten paragraphs for a two words answer-Advisory Board |


| Smash-Evil Betrayer-JT | The Retro-If you put his brain in a hazelnut shell it would still rattle-Bro
| Pat-has curly hair-NES Punk | Review Tech-not a real Italian- USA |
| and every other single member of the unhallowed gaming community |